Make the Millenium Falcon (episode 1)



This is a story that started from some guy’s imagination. That guy lives in the far, far east of the universe, on a planet called Japan.

There are lots of weird people on the planet Japan, and for some reason, they love small things. They love small cars, gardens, houses, electronics and SUSHI as well!!!

As a matter of fact, that Japanian guy has started to make a mini truck camper! That thing has enormous power and…. brought him immense joy! Hahaha

But such rapture did not last long…

A lot of hardships have been waiting…

And to conquer them all, he’ll need a way to fight back…

What is a Kei truck house?

A Kei truck house is like a small hut which is put on the back of a Kei truck.

And of course, it’s road legal, but there is a height restriction.

So, with that explanation out of the way, today I’m gonna make MILLENNIUM FALCON CANOPY


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キャンピングカー研究家、 自動車整備士、 自作の軽キャンパーで日本全国旅してます。 趣味:写真、旅、シルバーアクセサリーの作成

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